Age is just a number!


One thing you can ALWAYS count on is that we will inevitably age! You can’t deny it, run from it, or change it. The GREAT news is that you can control HOW!!! The choices you make right now will determine the quality of the process, the grace in your acceptance, and whether you slide into heaven with a big smile, sense of accomplishment, and MANY secrets of time well spent… OR regret. THAT is what you work on NOW!!! How you eat, sleep, destress, move, think, love, and with whom you share your precious time. These are the important choices for today!

No matter what your age is today, there are definite changes, adjustments, and improvements you can make RIGHT NOW to insure you have one hell of a ride to the finish line.

Do you smoke? Stop it!

Drink too much? Cut back.

Are you a slug, procrastinator, couch queen/king? Hello! Life is going on OUTSIDE! Find something active you like to do and DO IT! EVERY DAY!!!

Do you complain a lot? Find the joy or humor in EVERY situation. Keep your perspective in check.

Never go anywhere new? Plan ahead and take a trip! It doesn’t have to be an exotic excursion to a remote island (although I know a fitness coach you could take along!) Take a day trip to a new town, hiking trail, museum, college campus, art gallery, visit a friend, rent a bike to explore… choose your passion!

Read a new book each week!

Sleep! 7-8 hours a night! Turn off ALL screens an hour before you want to nod off. This means TV, smart phone, computer, iPad, kindles… anything that glows in the dark. Read something that is calming (murder mysteries not advised at this time!) Heck… you get an hour! Find something to do that doesn’t involve technology! 😉

Here’s a link to Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition with some GREAT advice on nutritional strategies broken down by age group. Please feel free to pass along!

Eat well, Exercise, but most of all…HAVE FUN!!!

About Beth Robins

I am celebrating 30 years in the fitness industry!!! I now use my experience and middle aged wisdom to gently coach people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages to seek a healthy life in balance and perspective. I encourage enjoying life with adventure, travel, great food, even better wine, a sense of humor, new experiences, and a path slightly outside of your comfort zone!

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