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On the road again? Business or pleasure or both? It doesn’t matter if you’re a business road warrior or a fortunate frequent traveler. Flying the friendly skies can be grueling.

You’ve probably read a bazillion articles with tips on flying more comfortably, moving around during the flight, drinking lots of water to avoid headaches and bloating from dehydration, stretching, marching, heel lifts, and squats in the bathroom… okay, just in case you hadn’t heard that one, there you go! Guess what is the MOST important thing you probably HAVEN’T heard???

official source SLEEP!!!

As you buckle up the seatbelt and power down your computer and phone, take advantage of the next 15 minutes to catnap! That’s right! You’ve packed, commuted, ambled through security, perhaps rushed to the gate (a great workout all by itself!), and now there’s nothing to do but wait… and nap. These are the precious minutes during a flight when no one is asking you to move so they can run to the lavatory, or offer you a complimentary beverage. You can’t turn on your computer. You can’t get up and move around. The best part is the plane tips your seat back for you as it climbs to 35,000 feet. BOOM! You now have the next 15-20 minutes to power nap and recharge your batteries!

Hopefully you packed your own snacks for the flight! Veggies, homemade hummus, flaxseed crackers, an apple, WATER, or a healthy sandwich or wrap. If not, these are things to look for in the terminal and make a mental note to remember next time! Stay away from the nuts! While a few are okay under normal circumstances, and healthy in moderation, they tend to be quite binding and seriously unfriendly to the traveling digestive system! Again, this is when WATER comes in handy too! Chances are, you won’t starve to death while flying, but it’s always WAY better to plan and be prepared than succumb to the $5 cookie option on the menu.

Speaking of FOOD…What are you gonna eat on this trip??? Decisions, decisions… Whether you’re on a big vacation or yet another business trip, nutrition is still important. This isn’t in terms of weight loss or advancing your fitness goals while away. It’s about doing the best you can to maintain energy, stay healthy,focused, and yet still enjoy what you eat! If this is a work trip, then you need to remember that meetings don’t necessarily follow your schedule of feeding. Be prepared by eating a healthy breakfast that includes protein and a little fat along with a veggie or two. An omelette with veggies is perfect here! Skip the bread in the morning unless you’re planning to sleep during the morning session! When lunch rolls around, follow the same plan! Protein, veggies, and a little fat. Again, stay away from starchy carbs like bread, potatoes, pasta, and rice at this time to fend off the sandman! Take a “togo” cup of herbal tea back to work to keep you focused. Now, if you’re on a SPECIAL trip, then by all means… indulge a little!

Just keep things in perspective and PLAN!

If there’s a big dinner in the future, ease back during the day and make sure to get your bones moving and sweat pouring at some point during the day. Even “special” meals can be moderated. Trade in dessert for the second glass of wine. Take a half slice of bread from the basket instead of 3! Eat the salad… ALL of it, along with protein and veggies and half of the typical restaurant side dishes of potatoes or rice. If you get to choose from a menu, pick something that you like, but hold the extra gravies and sauces. If you just HAVE to have the ooey gooey yummy lasagna (and who doesn’t?!) split it with someone and get a side salad.

I’m sure none of this is shocking, late breaking news to you if you’re reading this (BLP audiences are quite savvy after all!), but honestly I believe the more you hear something, the more it resonates as that voice in your head when it’s decision time!

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn… It doesn’t matter. If your travel plans are in the U.S. chances are good that there’s some sort of fitness center in there somewhere. However you don’t necessarily need one! That’s right! And, if you checked into a swanky beach boutique bungalow, well then you definitely won’t need one! The reality is… you have to EXERCISE!!! I remember Matthew McConaughey once said that he doesn’t really follow any “routine”. As long as he just does something each day to break a sweat, it’s all good. All right, all right, all righhhht! I don’t remember when that was, maybe it was a dream… but it got me thinking!!! LOL! Pausing to let your imagination cruise for a minute…






Hotel… on a rainy day! BORING…







Balanced Life Productions PREFERRED workout!

Honestly, it’s up to you. The bottom line is that it really shouldn’t matter if you’re traveling for business or pleasure, one thing is certain. There is ALWAYS time to do something! There is NO time for E X C U S E S!!!

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