Unplug, count to ten… then reboot! 2

http://lifeforcereiki.com/.com/embed/XWSleSC0PxE/ We’ve all done it!  The toilet starts running on it’s own. We reach over and jiggle the handle a little bit and it magically stops.  Old electronics blink out, so we give it a “bop” and it’s back on.  When you call the Geek Squad about your cable/internet connection, their first recommendation is to UNPLUG, COUNT TO TEN… THEN REBOOT!… and lots of times, it actually works!!!

you could try this out Curious… why couldn’t this work for some of life’s woes and stresses?  I’m not referring to serious maladies, but rather the little things that get under our skin.  These are the problems that start as a common annoyance and sometimes seem to snowball into avalanches of rage beyond a comfortable threshold. The guy (or girl…but rarely) neglects to use his turn signal and cuts you off. The endless line for security at the airport. Talking during a movie. Dropping your phone. Traffic congestion. A bad review at work. One sock in the dryer. Lost keys…. and my favorite…stepping in gum or worse…dog poop.

caverta ranbaxy price Just writing this actually makes me laugh because seriously, in the grand scheme of life, this is a pimple on a fly’s behind!  Relax and put things in perspective. Take a “time-out” and count to 10!  During that time think about how things could be worse.  Count your blessings and give thanks to the universe for them! And reconnect with that SENSE OF HUMOR!!!


About Beth Robins

I am celebrating 30 years in the fitness industry!!! I now use my experience and middle aged wisdom to gently coach people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages to seek a healthy life in balance and perspective. I encourage enjoying life with adventure, travel, great food, even better wine, a sense of humor, new experiences, and a path slightly outside of your comfort zone!

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