LOSE BELLY FAT WITH COCONUT OIL? 2   Is it really possible to burn FAT predominantly found around the waistline by eating coconut oil??? Well, there is evidence pointing toward a type of fat, specifically medium chain triglycerides, found in coconut oil, as well as the supplemental form referred to as MCT oil, that just might be worth investigating […]

Frequent Flier Fitness tips!


Gabapentin purchase online uk FREQUENT FLIER FITNESS CONCEPTS AND NUTRITION TIPS TO HELP YOU FOCUS ON THE ROAD! SIGN UP FOR FREE WORKOUTS TO TAKE WITH YOU!… or just take ME with you!!! On the road again? Business or pleasure or both? It doesn’t matter if you’re a business road warrior or a fortunate frequent traveler. […]

Calling all Diet Junkies!!!

antivert prescription Take charge of your relationship with REAL FOOD! Say good-bye to diets, fads, hunger pangs, lack of energy, and crabby patty days! Say hello to enjoying eating again while still revving your metabolism and losing fat! Are you constantly on a “diet”? Have you tried and succeeded at EVERY one?…and then failed? The big ones out […]


Honestly… If not NOW… WHEN??? We all know the cliches about life being too short, but the reality is this. Our lives are exactly as long as they are meant to be. This means it is our responsibility to make the most out of each day balancing BIG bucket list […]