Honestly… If not NOW… WHEN??? We all know the cliches about life being too short, but the reality is this. Our lives are exactly as long as they are meant to be. This means it is our responsibility to make the most out of each day balancing BIG bucket list […]

Unplug, count to ten… then reboot! 2

We’ve all done it!  The toilet starts running on it’s own. We reach over and jiggle the handle a little bit and it magically stops.  Old electronics blink out, so we give it a “bop” and it’s back on.  When you call the Geek Squad about your cable/internet connection, their […]

5 Steps to turn wishes into ACTION!

Ever hear yourself say…”I’d like to (fill in the blanks) one day.  Maybe you’re inspired by someone else’s story?  You’re watching “The Biggest Loser”, “The Bachelor”, “The Real Housewives of Nowhere”… or just simply day dreaming about those places you’d like to visit, health plan you’re gonna start, projects you […]