Happiness revisited…

address Have you ever thought about what TRULY floats your boat, knocks your socks off, makes your heart sing, laugh out loud… or at least smile? When is the last time you actually honored that? We regularly check our messages, balance checking accounts (hopefully), buy groceries, change the toilet paper roll, […]


Every day we’re bombarded with headlines like this in the fields of fitness and nutrition.  Most are accompanied with claims of the next best diet plan or workout regimen that will revolutionize your life!  Usually it ramps up around New Years resolution time, followed by pre summer bikini bod promises, […]

Unbeatable mind…

Find yourself caught up assessing all the things you wish you could do?  What are you waiting for? So many times people wait until something life changing happens to take a step back to re evaluate what’s truly important and impactful in their lives… Please read this excerpt from Navy […]