6 GUARANTEED tips to feel better about “The Feast”!

buy modafinil in europe Whenever the holidays roll around, the excuses abound over why you just had to inch off another piece of pie, seconds on the mashed potatoes and Fran’s special gravy, or just seconds all around the buffet! After all, you probably starved your poor self all day forced to inhale all the good aromas. Maybe you had an extra cocktail, and that ALWAYS ups the gastro hunger pangs! And darn it, it happens every year! Then, you feel guilty, bloated, lethargic, hung over, and blah… only to reheat the leftovers tomorrow! This is when you skip your workout because you’ve already fallen off the health wagon, and you frankly just don’t feel like moving. Ugh… This is why New Years “Resolutions” happen after the carnage!

the original source Sound familiar???

vilanova del camí para conocer gente I’m here to offer 6 GUARANTEED tips to avoid, or at least minimize all the negative after effects and accentuate all the good stuff!

rencontre femme enculeuse a lyon First and foremost… Holidays are for celebrating! Enjoy all the moments and create memories with friends and family! Favorite ooey gooey recipes passed down from generations are part of the deal! This year, though, maybe have a little bit less, and only one go around! Give thanks for your common sense… because it isn’t always common!

1.) Exercise just as you always would in the morning! Put the turkey to bed in the oven and get after it before the first basting ritual!

1.) Eat your prior meals just as you always do! Breakfast, lunch, whatever comes before the feast! If your holiday meal is late afternoon or evening, then treat it as such. If it were a random Thursday night, you wouldn’t binge eat! You would enjoy what you prepared and call it a night.

2.) Cut back on the added alcoholic beverages loaded with calories and bad decisions!

3.) Drink a large glass of room temperature water, perhaps with fresh lemon, about 30 minutes before you eat.

4.) As you peruse the buffet or dishes being passed, fill HALF of your plate with vegetables! If the protein is turkey, stick to mostly white meat. This is what will fill you up, so don’t be shy! One quarter or less of the plate comes from the starch department. This is your potato, squash, corn, sweet potato pie offerings. I use these as “condiments” for my meat.

5.) When everyone is through eating, put all the leftovers, INCLUDING the dessert, in plastic storage containers. The next morning, or later that night if you are lacking discipline and the house still smells delicious, pack ALL of it into the car and drive over to either the fire department, police department, or trauma center where people work around the clock to keep us safe and healthy. Drop it off and give thanks for the job they are doing!

Stay strong! You can do it!!!

Happy Healthy Holidays!

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About Beth Robins

I am celebrating 30 years in the fitness industry!!! I now use my experience and middle aged wisdom to gently coach people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and ages to seek a healthy life in balance and perspective. I encourage enjoying life with adventure, travel, great food, even better wine, a sense of humor, new experiences, and a path slightly outside of your comfort zone!

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